Life is full of possibilities, so let’s create positive change together! Perhaps you are looking for increased muscle strength, need personal attention recovering from an injury, or maybe you just need to clear out the emotional baggage that no longer serves you.

Whatever your path, we are here to help you.Take a look at our services below, and reach out with any questions.


Individual & Group Practice

We offer a variety of classes, sessions & retreats to promote whole body wellness. Below is a list of each offering along with a description. If you are interested in a private session or group class please fill out our contact form and I will personally reach out to you shortly. 

Pilates Equipment Private

A Pilates private on the equipment is the perfect way to start your Pilates training. The attention to form and detail will give you the foundation needed to flourish in a group setting.

Friendlates Small Group Equipment class (2-3 people)

Get personal attention and a custom workout for you & your group using the Pilates tower, reformer, and accessories to challenge yourself and create strength from the inside out. These classes meet weekly. 

Group Classes & Workshops

Work with me to customize a healthy team building class or workshop. I’ve partnered with Companies, Community Groups, Bridal Parties, and Non-Profits to offer tailored events crafted specifically for their group.

Thai Yoga Bodywork

Thai Yoga Bodywork combines rhythmic massage, assisted Yoga poses/stretches, and acupressure along pathways of movement in the body known as the “Sen” lines. This meditative experience is very relaxing and deeply healing. You also get the benefit of an in depth body stretch from top to bottom. 

"The Dharma Sisters" Seasonal Workshops

Looking for an energy boost? Come attend a local workshop with The Dharma Sisters to get your groove back! These seasonal workshops are based in Ayurveda. Ayurveda, is a natural system of medicine, originated in India more than 3,000 years ago. The term Ayurveda is derived from the Sanskrit words ayur (life) and veda (science or knowledge). Thus, Ayurveda translates to knowledge of life. We offer these workshops four times a year to prepare you for the upcoming season. 

In June we will host our Summer Solstice workshop. This will include a Yoga flow workout and Ayurvedic Dosha workshop will help you determine your Dosha and what you can do to maximize your potential this summer! Refreshments & special gifts provided.

“Kate is amazing! She is the most attentive trainer, truly personalizing each of her clients’needs to each session. She is always researching and continuing training for her practice. I am so much stronger not only physically but mentally as well. I have the upmost respect and gratitude for her!”
– Michelle J


Thai Yoga Bodywork helps you release negative thoughts and tension in the body, giving you more balance and peace.


Pilates & Thai Yoga Bodywork help the body to heal and strengthen. If you have an area of the body that needs rehabilitation we can focus on that.


As we age, it is vital for our body to move and be challenged. Pilates helps strengthen the core of the body and the spine, keeping the body young.


What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a system of unique exercises performed on a mat or other equipment to promote strength, stability, and flexibility. Pilates exercises develop the body through muscular effort that stems from the core. The technique cultivates awareness of the body to support everyday movements that are efficient and graceful. The Pilates Method was developed by Joseph Pilates during the 1920s.

What should I bring to a Pilates class?

Dress comfortable in clothing that you can move in. Most people wear leggings, and a tank top or t-shirt. Please do not wear pants or shorts with zippers as it can tear the equipment. Socks do not need to be worn, but athletic or “grippy” socks are optional.


What Is Thai Yoga Bodywork?

Thai Yoga Bodywork is nothing like a typical body massage. You are fully clothed during a Thai Yoga Bodywork session. Thai Yoga Bodywork combines rhythmic massage, assisted Yoga poses/stretches, and acupressure along pathways of movement in the body known as the “Sen,” lines. This meditative experience is very relaxing and deeply healing. Your Thai therapist does all of the work while you relax & restore. 

What Should Expect For A Thai Yoga Bodywork Session?

You remain fully clothed during a Thai Yoga Bodywork session. Please dress in layers as you may become hot or cold post-session. A tank top or t-shirt and comfortable pants without zippers work best. A Thai Yoga Bodywork session can be anywhere from 60 minutes to 2 hours long depending on what you are looking for. For optimal relaxation I suggest 90 plus minutes. I may also add in energy work such as Reiki after speaking with you about your goals for the session. 

Take a Free Trial Class

Not sure what class is right for you? Please contact us today and we’ll get you in for a free trial class to get you a customized plan that fits your needs.

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