Almost 20 years ago I left my career in merchandising and became a certified Pilates instructor. I have been able to attend numerous trainings, and certifications that have allowed me to specialize in postnatal rehabilitation, scoliosis-postural imbalances, and injury rehabilitation. I am passionate about helping my clients improve their quality of life through movement. I have found that true wellness is a combination of mind, body and spirit. Fitness should be fun, but it’s finding that edge and challenge that makes us change. Lake Minnetonka Pilates + Bodywork is an encouraging environment that empowers you to live your best life.  

Over the last several years I had some fairly serious low back issues from over training  that led to me try Thai Yoga Bodywork. I not only found pain relief that kept me injury free, but the Bodywork sessions allowed me to let go of emotional baggage and anxiety that was holding me back.  This encouraged me to start my educational journey in the healing arts: Thai Yoga Bodywork, Reiki, herbal compress, and energy healing, I have completed my 300 hour professional Thai Yoga Bodywork certification through Devanadi Yoga in Minneapolis, and remain a dedicated student. In 2023 I was fortunate enough to travel to Thailand for 2 weeks, and learn from the master healers at Boonthumme Thai Massage School and  Omsala both located in Chiang Mai. 

My husband Craig and I live in Minnetonka, MN raising our two smart and opinionated teenage daughters. 
We spend the majority of our free time on Lake Minnetonka boating, swimming, and enjoying the water with friends.  

Classes & Offerings

Pilates Individual or Small Group Classes

Come to the studio for an hour of private or small group instruction that will increase your flexibility, muscle tone, and mental health. I offer both private instruction and small groups of 2-3 in a class setting. These small groups are intentional so you are working with people with similar goals, and hopefully friends!  We use the Pilates reformer, tower, and props to give you a full body workout.

Thai Yoga Bodywork

Thai Yoga Bodywork is a combination of acupressure, deep stretching, Yoga, and meditation that allows your body to heal and let go of tension and emotional baggage that no longer serves you.

Dharma Sister Seasonal Retreats

Through the pandemic my good friend and fellow fitness fanatic Jamie Pellegrene & I taught outdoor donation based classes in an effort to bring community together, give back, and stay sane. A beautiful group of individuals kept showing up, and sparked the fire for us to create local seasonal workshops focused on self-care, growth, and “The Dharma Sister’s” was born. As two small business owners, mama’s, and care-takers we felt overwhelmed, overcommitted, and under nurtured. We created The Dharma Sister’s to host self-care seasonal retreats with an Ayurvedic twist. These local retreats are customized to fill your cup: mind, body, and spirit! We also offer 2 Dharma spots per event for anyone needing a little financial or emotional help to attend.  

Try a free class!

Not sure what class is right for you? Please contact Kate today and we’ll get you in for a free trial class to access your goals, and  get you a customized plan that fits your needs.

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